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Blog July 21, 2021

Help Wanted

Fifteen months of COVID-19 have changed the face of employment here in America. The pandemic wiped out 20 million jobs, yet employers are struggling to hire while employees reevaluate their post-pandemic plans. Can you spin your old position into a work-from-home opportunity? Should you take advantage of soaring housing prices to make a killing and […]

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Blog July 14, 2021


Back in 1997, Delaware Senator Bill Roth sponsored a new kind of retirement savings account with a back-end benefit. In contrast to traditional IRAs, which let you deduct your contributions and defer tax until you pull money out, the Roth IRA lets you contribute after-tax dollars in exchange for tax-free withdrawals. Roth designed his new […]

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Blog July 8, 2021

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Writing a funny tax column every week, and keeping it as consistently brilliant as we do, is actually harder than it looks. (Less glamorous, too.) Sometimes there just isn’t an obviously fun story to cover. What do we write about in a week with no criminals cheating, celebrities misbehaving, or holidays we can skewer? If […]

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Blog June 30, 2021

Pure Imagination

Fifty years ago on June 30, Paramount Pictures released an enchanting spun-sugar delight of a movie that remains a classic.  Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  features Gene Wilder as the reclusive confectioner who hides five Golden Tickets in his candy bars and promises the finders a tour of his mysterious factory and a lifetime supply of […]

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Blog June 23, 2021

Liquid Assets

The post-punk philosopher and M&Ms enthusiast David Lee Roth once said, “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.” So, if you like big boats and you cannot lie, this week’s discussion will put a salty smile on your face. Summer is here, […]

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Blog June 21, 2021

Monthly Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

MONTHLY ADVANCE CHILD TAX CREDIT PAYMENTS CAUTION:  FOR SOME THIS COULD CAUSE YOU TO OWE MONEY ON YOUR 2021 RETURN   Many taxpayers are receiving letters from the IRS (called L6416) which tells them they will be receiving advanced monthly payments for the new child tax credit. The plan is to deliver half of the […]

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