Why You Should Consider Our Tax Tracking Service

We want to encourage all clients to enroll in this IRS tracking product by signing and returning the Power of Attorney (POA) form 2848. Simply having the POA on file is FREE to all clients.
Don’t miss out on already having a POA on file with us:

  • No waiting for a POA to be approved in 3 to 8 weeks when speed is necessary.
  • Having it already on file and approved by the IRS can improve our response on issues.
  • Proof of payments for Estimates and Installment agreements are available immediately.
  • Mortgage requests for transcript issues can be resolved immediately.
  • IRS notices can be resolved much faster.

With a POA on file, the IRS Tracking Service is now included in the Gold Maintenance Program!
When you opt in to our IRS Tax Tracking Service, you’ll receive a comprehensive Tax Analysis Report once a year in addition to other benefits:

  • Detect IRS audits, exams months in advance and any liens and levies by the IRS on your account
  • Identify First Time Abatement opportunities back to 2001, which can result in additional refunds or offset of taxes owed
  • Annual review of the current and previous three years of taxes for refund opportunities
  • Audit risk assessment for the current tax return
  • Annual income verification so you don’t get penalized
  • Track IRS payments, including estimated payments
  • Provide a comprehensive Tax Analysis Report once a year
How to Read Your Tax Analysis Report

>> Sample Tax Analysis Report <<

Tax report summary
Shows you what was filed and whether there is a balance due
One analysis is for the Taxpayer and the other is for the Spouse:
> If you always filed Married Filing Joint (MFJ) the reports will be the same.
> If you filed Married Filing Separate (MFS) or Single, then the reports will be different.

List possible changes that could save you money
If the Opportunities lists a first time penalty abatement, we should discuss the cost/benefit of chasing this.

IRS Account Balance Summary
Shows more details from the Tax Report Summary
Look for T, S, B in the first column for filing status (T=Taxpayer, S=Spouse, B=Both)
If there is a T, S for the same year, they are separate returns

“2021 credit balance” in the assessed payment column is your estimated tax payments

Red Flag report
Shows what items have a higher risk of audit

IRS account Status Dashboard
Indicates any action by the IRS on Liens, Collections, or possible Audit (examination)
> Note: Examination may be internal by the IRS and may not turn into an Audit.

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