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  • DEADLINE to file S-Corporations and Partnerships that are currently on extension is September 15th
    • Payment was due March 15, regardless of extension
  • DEADLINE to file Personal income taxes that are currently on extension is October 15th
    • Payment was due July 15, regardless of extension
  • REMEMBER: There’s no extension to pay!  If you owe, you will continue to accrue interest, even if you file an extension.
  • 2020 Q3 ESTIMATES are due September 15, 2020

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NEW Payroll Tax Deferral:

  • Effective 9/1/2020 President Trump, through an executive order, has a NEW payroll tax deferral of 6.2% of your gross W2.
    • This is your employEE Social Security tax and can be ‘deferred’ 9/1/2020 – 12/31/2020.
    • The catch is that you will then have to ‘pay it back’ with extra withholdings 1/1/2021 – 4/31/2021.
    • The choice to do this by an employER is an individual business choice. And each employee can opt out if they don’t want to do this.
    • Trump says he will ‘try’ and have this ‘maybe’ not be repayable. Currently, that is discussion and talk only… not the law. It requires Congress to change this to a permanent situation.
    • It is my opinion that this is fraught with problems since the IRS has stated that the employER must pay the tax back regardless if you were able to get the funds withheld from the employee in the future.
      • What if the employEE no longer works for you?
      • What if the employEE forgets about this original “gift” and blames you for this extra withholding?


find out how we can save you tax dollars
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Unlike others who only “project” the tax you will owe (and call it a day) we take time to proactively plan your tax strategy to save you tax dollars now and in the future.
Read the details in the Tax Planning section.

Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation
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Our firm works hard to provide exceptional results for clients in all areas of financial advising.  We do offer traditional tax and accounting services that you’d expect a firm like ours to offer.

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As a certified Profit First Professional, we will guide you in improving your bottom line so you keep more of the money your earn so you can pay yourself first!

Are you ready to finally lower your tax bill?

Ever feel that no matter how hard you try to improve your profits that the government then takes too much of your hard earned money?

Are these some of your challenges?

  • You are a business owner who believes you pay too much in taxes.
  • You feel that there should be a better result.
  • You feel like the big companies get all the breaks and little or nothing is left for your business.

Here’s how we can help:
We will work together to create a proactive tax plan that will help you stop spending unnecessary tax dollars each year.

How? We take advantage of the loopholes and tax strategies hidden in the tax law just for business owners like you starting with our no obligation free tax diagnosis.

Need more information before you act? Check out our 5 step program or sign up for the Free Tax Analysis in the box above.

Want to save on your tax bill? Order the book that’s right for your profession to learn how.
Ten Most Expensive Tax Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make
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10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes that cost Dentists Thousands
Tax Return Prep MA RI

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Business owners and Real Estate Investors, simply deliver your returns using the “Send Us Your Information” link at the top of this page, filed by ANY other preparer (including yourself) and we will find the missed opportunities that could be costing you thousands of dollars.

    Tax Relief for Real Estate Agents

    Tax Relief for Real Estate Agents

    Learn Tax Saving Tips with Paul’s Signature Talk “Tax Relief”. Contact Smart Tax Advisors to have Paul Dion, CPA CTC to speak at your next real estate event or association meeting!

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    Proactive Tax Planning

    can save thousands of dollars a year

    Save on Taxes
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    With some advance planning you can save thousands of dollars over the years with Proactive Tax Planning. Call to set up your Free Tax Diagnosis today.


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