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Monthly Plan

Save even more by joining the monthly plan to prepay for next year & freeze your tax preparation fee for at least 2 years!

We spread out billing over a twelve month period. This means your tax preparation fee (based on your past year return) will be divided by 12 and billed monthly for the coming year on a May thru April schedule, allowing you to budget our fee in 12 equal payments, instead of paying one lump sum up front.

For those of you who opt to pay your fee on our monthly plan, We are offering these 3 savings:

  1. Level preparation fees for the next two years. This means your preparation fees for 2020 and 2021 will remain the same as your 2019 fee, no increase!
  2. Add on our Gold Maintenance Agreement at a discounted rate and save on all of our extra services.
  3. Ability to budget our fee in 12 equal payments, instead of paying one lump sum up front.

To Opt-In, ask for a Monthly Plan proposal.

Gold Maintenance Agreement w/Audit Representation

The Gold Maintenance Agreement allows the client ready access to a tax professional under specific conditions. This will enable you to experience the least amount of tax liability at the end of the tax year at a very reasonable price.

Our tax maintenance agreement includes the following benefits:

  • Audit representation in the event you are subject to an audit. Paul Dion CPA will provide this service at no additional expense to you for the tax year
  • Additional phone consultations and office visits
  • Up to 1 hour of non-covered matters at no additional charge
  • Answer all IRS notices and correspondence you receive for the tax year
  • Answer all State notices and correspondence including audit letters
  • Additional copies of returns as needed
  • $50 discount on a Tax Plan

For additional information, and to sign up for the Gold Tax Maintenance Agreement, please download a copy of the form, sign it, and return it to us via portal upload, fax, mail, or e-mail.