Author: Paul Dion

Paul Dion - Speaker, Author, and Tax Advisor - has been planning and preparing returns for business owners for over 25 years with a specialty in helping real estate agents and investors. His passion is to help business owners legally pay the least amount of tax using court-tested and IRS-approved tax strategies. In addition, he continues to advance service offerings to include income saving strategies designed to deliver higher profits to your business.
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Blog July 1, 2020


This week’s story takes us to Verkhoyansk, a frozen flyspeck of a town with 1,300 shivering souls deep inside Siberia, six miles from the Arctic Circle. The local delicacy is a version of a Russian favorite called pelmeni: minced reindeer fat rolled in a thin dough, seasoned with horseradish and deep-fried on a stick. (Editor’s note: […]

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Blog June 24, 2020


On June 27, 1997, an unknown British author rolled out her first novel, which she wrote in longhand because she couldn’t afford a typewriter. The book was a success beyond imagining: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone stormed the world and made author J.K. Rowling richer than the Queen. (Seriously, you can look it up.) Rowling’s world of […]

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Blog June 18, 2020


Congress recently passed the payroll Protection Flexibility Act making changes to the loan forgiveness. Today, the SBA issued new forms and the interim final rules. You can find the new forms here: Standard form: EZ Form:   The time period is increased from 8 weeks to 24 weeks. Under the new rules, you […]

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Blog June 10, 2020

“Reality” Bites

In the world of football, one family stands out among the rest: the Mannings. In tennis, it’s the Williamses. And on television, it’s the Kardashians, Jenners, and various C-list and D-list orbiters that make up the First Family of Reality TV. What many viewers don’t realize is that the Kardashians aren’t just a family, they’re […]

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Blog June 4, 2020


The Senate just passed the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act Wednesday night 6/3/2020. It now goes to the president to be signed.   The major changes to the PPP Program are as follows: You can choose to extend the covered period for loan forgiveness from 8 weeks to 24 weeks, or you can keep the original […]

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Blog June 3, 2020

When Does 1918 + 1968 = 2020?

In China, it’s a curse to say “may you live in interesting times.” If that’s so, 2020 is surely cursed. It all started with coronavirus in January or thereabouts. April brought the murder hornets to Washington State. (They might still be only in Washington, but they’re murder hornets.) And last week brought news that yet another unarmed […]

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