The BASIC Accounting plan

Designed for business owners who want a strong foundation.
You’ll enjoy these ongoing services:

  1. Business Tax Preparation. We will prepare one business tax return (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation).
  2. Personal Tax Preparation. We will prepare one set of individual tax returns, including federal, state, and local returns.
  3. Mid-Year Tax Review. You’ll get a review of your tax picture and an update to the estimates for the year. We will communicate by phone and email. I’ll update you with everything you need to know about deductions you can take, anticipating tax roadblocks and opportunities, avoiding IRS audits, and maintaining your personal tax plan based on your changing personal circumstances.
  4. Year-End Tax Review. You’ll get a year-end meeting with me. During this meeting, we will review your tax plan and make sure that we have covered all of the bases to lock in those tax saving strategies. See “Open Questions” listed under the Basic Plan description.
    • Open Questions. Finally, your year-end meeting includes an open Q&A period.
      This is your chance to ask me any questions about:
      Time Saving Tips & Tricks for Keeping Documentation
      – Rental Property Tax Pitfalls
      – Latest Tax Changes Affecting You
      – Business Structure (C-Corp S-Corp, LLC, Partnership, Sole Prop)
      – Personal Financial Planning
      – Retirement Planning
      – Estate Planning
  5. IRS Tax Tracking Service. You’ll receive a comprehensive Tax Analysis Report once a year along with all the benefits of our Tax Tracking Service:
    • Detect IRS audits, exams months in advance and any liens and levies by the IRS on your account
    • Identify First Time Abatement opportunities
    • Annual review of the current and previous three years of taxes for refund opportunities
    • Audit risk assessment for the current tax return
    • Annual income verification so you don’t get penalized
    • Track IRS payments, including estimated payments
  6. QuickBooks Online Subscription and Backup. We will get you set up with QuickBooks Online including Backup & Recovery software, and the costs of both programs are on us if we set you up.
    If you are already set up on QuickBooks Online, we will cover your fee up to wholesale price and will charge you the difference.
  7. Bank & Credit Card Accounts. With an Elite plan, we will connect and reconcile up to five combined credit card and bank accounts. If you have more accounts, please ask us for a quote.

You’ll take advantage of proactive tax strategies that most accountants miss to minimize your taxes. (This alone will pay for my service!) You’ll sleep well knowing we’re doing everything to prevent audits. And you’ll have access to a trusted business advisor to answer pressing financial questions.

Don’t hestitate to contact us.

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