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What is Profit First?
The accountant’s age-old formula for determining a business’s profit is Sales – Expenses = Profit.

The formula, while logically accurate, does not account for human behavior. In this formula, profit is a left-over, a final consideration, something that is hopefully a nice surprise at the end of the year. Consequently, the profit is rarely there and the business continues on it check to check survival.

Profit First allows you to flip the age-old formula, so now it looks like this: Sales – Profit = Expenses.

Why Work With Us?
Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that have received a certification in Profit First. What does this mean for you? We will guide you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business. Of course, we will manage your accounting, do your tax returns and help you with your books – but any accountant can do that. We also provide the most important financial factor – maximizing your profits.

We will review your existing financials and develop a plan to help your company start generating real profits — from your very next deposit.

Email, call us or fill out the form below to schedule your FREE Profit Maximizer session. We’ll assess where you stand now, and give you actions that you can immediately use to grow your profits.

If you’re a person of action don’t wait, contact us now so we can arrange a session right away.

Those who book their session will receive a PDF of the core chapters from Mike Michalowicz’s book “Profit First”. Or if you can’t wait you can check out the first few pages on

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    Plan a Little ... Save a Lot!

    Unlike others who only “project” the tax you will owe (and call it a day)
    We take time to Proactively plan your tax strategy to save you tax dollars now and in the future.
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    Our firm works hard to provide exceptional results for clients in all areas of financial coaching.  We do offer traditional tax and accounting services that you’d expect a firm like ours to offer.

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