Blog March 23, 2016

A Little Tax Magic

You already know that our Congress is as gridlocked as at any time in recent history. Budget and spending bills get rolled up into year-end monstrosities. Urgent priorities like immigration reform get hijacked by partisan posturing and “appeals to the base.” The wizard Merlin himself would have a hard time pulling a sword from the […]

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Blog March 14, 2016

The Humor Endures

The passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan last week at age 94 marks a bit of an end to the 1980s. Nancy earned both praise and criticism for restoring what she saw as some much-needed Kennedy-esque pomp and circumstance to the White House. Later, she earned praise for her work against drug use and, […]

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Blog March 10, 2016

We Don’t Really Like You

The actress Sally Field has appeared in dozens of television and movie roles since first appearing as “Gidget.” But she’s perhaps best known for a 45-second acceptance speech at the 57th Academy Awards, when she accepted the Oscar for Best Actress and told the audience “you like me . . . you really like me!” […]

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Blog February 29, 2016

Taxes Without Zaxes

March 2 marks the birthday of Theodore Geisel — better known to millions of children and former children as Doctor Seuss. That’s reason enough to celebrate. But the beloved author’s birthday is especially noteworthy this year. Archivists working at the Geisel Library have discovered an early draft of the author’s most famous classic — and […]

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Blog February 24, 2016

Men, Boys, Price, Toys

How much is a classic bright-red Ferrari worth? Well, if it’s the 1957 335 S Spider Scaglietti that the French Bardinon family auctioned earlier this month, the answer is €32 million, or around $35.8 million. But if there isn’t a convenient auction to establish how much someone will pay for something, and you need to […]

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Blog February 17, 2016

Rats Finding Cheese

Anyone who’s ever watched a gangster movie knows there’s nothing worse than a rat . . . a snitch . . . a stool pigeon. Life is hard for that much-maligned species! In Martin Scorsese’s classic mob saga Goodfellas, Henry Hill rats out his partners in crime to get a reduced sentence — then pays […]

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