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Paul Dion - Speaker, Author, and Tax Advisor - has been planning and preparing returns for business owners for over 25 years with a specialty in helping real estate agents and investors. His passion is to help business owners legally pay the least amount of tax using court-tested and IRS-approved tax strategies. In addition, he continues to advance service offerings to include income saving strategies designed to deliver higher profits to your business.
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Blog January 2, 2018

THE TAX CUT & JOBS ACT: Individual Changes

NOTE: Almost all sunset provisions that expired 1/1/2017 are gone. Many of the provisions in the law expire after 2025.  WHY?  Because Congress could not exceed a ceiling on the deficit.  By putting an expiration on these provisions they bypassed this law.  So look for more changes and more controversy 8 years from now. For […]

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Blog December 27, 2017

We Now Interrupt This Broadcast…

On Sunday, October 30, 1938, Mercury Radio Theatre fans, who were listening to Ramon Racquello and His Orchestra, were interrupted by a news broadcast reporting an odd explosion on the planet Mars. Soon after, they learned that a cylindrical object had fallen on a farm in Grovers Mills, New Jersey. The radio audience listened in horror as […]

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Blog December 21, 2017

The New Tax Law

2017 YEAR END TAX PLANNING BASED ON THE NEW TAX LAW …OR HOW TO RUIN CHRISTMAS FOR A TAX ADVISOR   At the time I am writing this blog on December 20, 2017, the new tax law just needs the President’s signature to become law.  I doubt if he will change it or veto the […]

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Blog December 20, 2017

The Twelve Days of Taxmas

Every year, PNC Bank publishes their “Christmas Price Index” to track the cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas. For 2017, it’s a hefty $157,558. (And you thought your holiday spending was out of control!) The index may not be completely accurate — for example, the ten lords-a-leaping are valued using the cost of male ballet dancers, rather than actual lords, […]

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Blog December 13, 2017

A Different Kind of Holiday Party

Your kids have finally finished eating their Halloween candy, which means that the real holidays are right around the corner. But before you sit down to open presents, December 16th marks the 244th anniversary of an important holiday in tax history — a pop-up costume ball in Boston Harbor called the Boston Tea Party. From 1698 through 1767, Britain’s […]

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Blog December 7, 2017

New Tax Law

  Paul discusses the New 2017 Tax Laws and how they might affect you.

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