Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

Achieve your Dreams

Here’s how Paul Dion Tax Advisor is different:

  • We empower you to achieve your dreams.
  • We educate you in a language you understand (and save the CPA gobbledygook for all those lively CPA membership club meetings).
  • We highlight areas in which you are strong and those that need improvement.
  • We give accountability through goal setting to help achieve your dreams.
  • We design and help you implement innovative, customized tax strategies that let you pay the least amount of tax legally allowed and minimize your risk of an audit so you can sleep at night.
  • When you work with us, you get more than just a tax return. You get a team of strategists to help you achieve your dreams!


Service Result
The Other Guys Reactive “after the fact” planning Outdated information and outdated planning. Tax surprises with a feeling of no control.
Paul Dion TAX ADVISOR Difference Advising and PROACTIVE strategies to build your future Total confidence knowing you are paying the least amount of tax possible and are actively working to achieve your dreams!
The Other Guys Same old Solution Overpaying Tax!
Paul Dion TAX ADVISOR Difference A customized strategy created just for you! Personalized solutions of your own situation that reduce tax
The Other Guys Business as usual Tax as usual
Paul Dion TAX ADVISOR Difference Flexible Plans that incorporate new laws and adapt as your situation changes Complete certainty that you are smart in your decisions and proactive in your tax planning.
The Other Guys See you next year! Limited contact with you except at tax time.
Paul Dion TAX ADVISOR Difference Ongoing Support A team of advisors to give direction and accountability through goal setting.


If you would like more information about our services please complete this form to set up a Free Tax Diagnosis or call us at 508-853-3292 or 401-490-3193.


    Plan a Little ... Save a Lot!

    Unlike others who only “project” the tax you will owe (and call it a day). We take time to Proactively plan your tax strategy to save you tax dollars now and in the future.
    Read the details in the following pages.


    Our firm works hard to provide exceptional results for clients in all areas of financial coaching.  We do offer traditional tax and accounting services that you’d expect a firm like ours to offer.


    As a certified Profit First Professional, we will guide you in improving your bottom line so you keep more of the money your earn so you can pay yourself first!

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