Blog March 7, 2018

Area Man Treats Colleague to Dinner, Drinks

The three-martini lunch has a long and mostly honorable history as a deductible business expense. As former President Gerald Ford once said, “Where else can you get an earful, a bellyful, and snootful at the same time?” Ford’s successor, famed buzzkill Jimmy Carter, tried (and failed) to cut the deduction from 100% to 50%. The […]

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Blog March 1, 2018

Tax Cuts: Withholding

If you receive a W2, watch this video! It might be in your best interest to adjust your W4 withholdings so you don’t end up owing next where when you otherwise expected a refund!

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Blog February 28, 2018

This Will Make You Love the Income Tax . . .

We Americans have fought with our internal revenue code since 1913. But slicing and dicing income, deductions, and a dizzying array of business and personal credits is hardly the only way that Uncle Sam could raise the money he needs to pay for guns and butter. State and local governments also use sales taxes, payroll […]

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Blog February 21, 2018

Free App Avoids 100% of This Tax

Traffic apps have revolutionized how many of us get from Point A to Point B. They started with in-dash navigation systems that needed updates every time a new subdivision or interchange appeared. Then they migrated to the phone with Google Maps and real-time traffic updates. Now, apps like Waze tell you where to get off […]

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Blog February 19, 2018

Entertainment No Longer Deductible

According to the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, entertainment is no longer deductible.

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Blog February 14, 2018

Romantic Tax Collectors Love Valentine’s Day, Too

It’s February, and love is in the air. Restaurants are advertising intimate specials for two. Florists are rolling out the red carpet. And in the greeting card racks across the country, Hallmark’s most accomplished poets are debuting their new verse. We’re talking about Valentine’s Day, of course. 62% of Americans say they’ll celebrate the occasion. […]

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