Looking for Direction

5 Easy Steps to Tax Planning

Here's how it works
1. Free Initial Analysis
  • We Review prior tax returns, current financials, and your interview responses
  • We spot the mistakes and missed opportunities in your current setup

60 Minutes
of customer’s time to meet and discuss taxes and their business

2. Discuss the cost of Your Missed Opportunities
  • You find out how much you spend in unnecessary tax dollars every year
average tax plan savings per year
3. Decide Whether Proactive Tax Planning is Worthwhile
  • You will receive a planning project fee quote
  • If tax saving potential is significant, we move forward with planning
  • If tax saving potential is low, there is no need for planning
Over 10/1
is the average return on investment (ROI) on their tax planning fee
4. Hold Planning Session(s) to Review the Plan
  • You hear every recommendation we can find for you!
  • We discuss pros and cons of each idea, and the potential tax savings
  • We select which ideas to keep and which to pass on
Less than 90
is the average days to recover a tax planning investment
5. Implement the Plan
  • Putting the plan into action is where the savings come from!
  • Immediate tax savings from quick implementation of short term ideas
  • Longer term ideas are monitored until ready to implement
is the key to planning – implementing the ideas locks in your tax savings

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